The primary pedicures service offered at Royal Blossom Beauty is a Dry, E-File Pedicure.


What is an E-File Pedicure?

Our E-File Pedicure is a dry pedicure method. We have a few options to choose from for our pedicure services. All our pedicure services include a cleanse, sanitising, nail trimming, shaping, cuticle work, heel exfoliation, callus treatment, foot cream, massage & cuticle oil. The service can also be completed with a gel polish or french tip if you choose. The key component for an E-File Pedicure, is that we primarily use an E-File (electric file) for the exfoliation and cuticle work. No dangerous blades or steel foot files here. We use different fine-coarse grits to customise your experience and exfoliate with the one best suited for your skin type.

Benefits of dry pedicures:

  • less chance of infection due to no water present
  • more customised exfoliation
  • better longevity of gel polish as toenails are not wet and swollen

Gel Polish, commonly known by popular brand name "shellac", is a nail polish that sets under UV light. It is longer lasting than regular nail polish. It must be soaked off with acetone or filed off by a professional, however, it is super easy to remove as its only a polish, not an enhancement, so it is very thin. It adds no strength or length to your nails, it simply works as a colour. We do not offer standard nail polish.

Pedicure services offered:

NAKED DRY PEDICURE - Nail & cuticle clean up, heel work & massage. No polish.


DRY PEDICURE W/ GEL POLISH - Nail & cuticle clean up, heel work, massage & plain colour gel polish.

DRY PEDICURE W/ FRENCH - Nail & cuticle clean up, heel work, massage & gel polish with french tip.


EXPRESS GEL PEDICURE - Nail & cuticle clean up & plain colour gel polish.


EXPRESS FRENCH PEDICURE - Nail & cuticle clean up & gel polish with french tip.

All gel polish pedicure services include the removal of previous gel polish removal. If you suspect you have any acrylic or tips on your toe nails, please contact us prior to booking.



Who is NOT suitable for gel products overall?

  • those who have allergies or skin reactions to gel products or 'HEMA'
  • those under 14 years of age

How often should I book appointments?

Toenails grow a lot slower than finger nails, but can be quite dangerous when long. We recommend pedicures every 4-6 weeks. We recommend waiting till at least 4 weeks so the skin replenishes itself and there is growth of the toenail to trim to get more out of your pedicure. Any longer than 6 weeks your nails can be quite long and cause pain and discomfort in shoes, this pressure can also cause onycholysis.


All metal implements and drill bits are disinfected and sterilised above to the local council requirements. We have a Class B, TGA-approved autoclave in salon, which offers medical level sterilisation. All single-use tools are disposed of.

Nail fixes:

Free fixes are only available:

  • if issue arises within 3 days of the appointment
  • chipping of polish or design

    We do not offer free fixes if:​

    • trauma has been occurred to nail (knocked nail, picked at)
    • nails have been melted by heat or chemicals
    • minor imperfections (fluff in nail, slightly crooked nail)
    • broken natural nail

      These fixes are $10+ per nail, as it can take 30mins just to fix the one nail, this cost does not include nail art.


      During the appointment I continuously check if you're happy with the shape, length, colour etc. Costs vary due to change of mind, and may need a seperate appointment to change depending on time remaining in appointment. 

      Nail services at RBB are for strictly 16+ years of age or 14+ with parental signature.

      Before your appointment:

      Please ensure you have none of the following conditions, as your appointment may not be able to be performed, or may not be performed in full capacity:

      NOT TREATABLE: plantar warts, fungal nail infections, tinia pedis (athletes foot), cellulitis, onycholysis, severe koilonychia or onychogryphosis, retronychia, paronychia, onychomadesis OR ANY INFECTION

      TREATABLE TO AN EXTENT: hyperkeratosis, corns, psoriasis, eczema, leukonychia or minor ingrown toenails.


      If your nails are thin or damaged your polish is less likely to last.

      On the day:

      • arrive with clean feet
      • no toenails extensions, acrylic or builder gels on nails, gel polish (shellac) is acceptable.
      • if you are under 16 please bring a parent to sign a consent form (we do not work on under 14 year olds)


      After your appointment:

      We recommend using a foot cream daily to maintain the hydration of your heels and rest of your feet.

      Toenails grow a lot slower than finger nails, meaning pedicures are not needed as frequently. However, when toenails get longer it can be quite dangerous to leave them unattended as they can be knocked, squeezed in shoes or face other damage. We recommend appointments every 4-6 weeks.

      Do not pick at toenails or gel product.

      For optimal toe nail and skin health we recommend well-fitting shoes that don't put pressure on the toenails or cause friction with the skin.