Lash Lifts & Tints

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that creates a curled, lifting effect to your natural lashes. Our treatment also includes a lash tint. The lift and tint combined give the appearance of thicker, darker lashes. The service includes a complementary lash treatment to boost the health and hydration of the lashes. 

How long does it last?

A lash lift generally lasts 6-8 weeks. During this time the lash lift can begin to drop or grow out.

Am I eligible for a lash lift?

To be eligible you must fit the following criteria:

  • you must not have had recent eye surgery or laser eye surgery - you will need a doctors note before you can get a service done
  • you must not have any eye infections such as conjunctivitis, styes, blepharitis at the time of the appointment or within 2 weeks before the appointment
  • you must not have received chemotherapy treatment recently
  • if you have gaps in your lashes or missing eyelashes, gaps may be visible
  • the procedure cannot be performed if you tend to flinch, twitch or shake or have conditions that may cause these side effects such as epilepsy.
  • if you have cancer, this treatment may react badly with medications and cause irritations, so it is not recommended without a doctors note.
  • you must not have cuts or open wounds in the eye or forehead area, this includes recent cosmetic tattooing on the eyes or eyebrows.
  • you must have your eyes closed and you must remain still for 1hr so unfortunately if you are claustrophobic, the treatment may not be right for you.
  • please understand that lash lifting is not recommended if pregnant (particularly 1st trimester) or breastfeeding, as due to change in hormones the lift may not work or instead may over-process, which may cause an undesirable result.
  • if you are under 16 please bring a parent to sign a consent form (we do not work on under 14 year olds)

    What else do I need to know?

    • we glue your natural lashes up onto a shield or rod and coat them in lifting solutions that will change the structure of the lash hairs.
    • we take a gentler approach to lash lifts to prevent over-processing and damage. we track what products, shield/rod size and timings used during the treatment, so if your lashes don't lift as well on the first treatment, we can make changes the second time around. otherwise if we lift too much your lashes can be over-processed and be damaged.

      Lash lift vs Lash extensions?

      Both are two completely different treatments.​

      Lash lift - "your natural lashes but better" - perming of the natural lashes, creates a darker, thicker effect but is extremely natural-looking, does not add length, lasts 6--8 weeks, low maintenance.

      Lash extensions - comes in a variety of styles, can add length and your choice of volume, can be applied in different styles such as "cat eye" or "doll eye", requires refills every 2-3 weeks, higher maintenance.

      What does a patch test include?

      • the lifting solutions, tinting products and lash treatment are placed on the inner elbow and left on for 10mins. 
      • the area needs to be monitored for 48hrs, if reaction occurs, you may be allergic to the products
      • if no reaction occurs, you can then book in your service, but keep in mind allergies can form at anytime, even if you do not have a reaction during the patch test.



        ​As mentioned above, we take a gentler approach to your lash lift to prevent over-processing and damage. In the event where no lift occurs at all, we will attempt to reprocess the lashes either on the day of the appointment within a week of the original appointment. We do not recommend reattempting the lift if pregnant or breastfeeding, due to hormones the lashes are likely to over-process and frazzle. By booking an appointment you understand that we offer a potential fix if the desired result does not occur. If the lashes lift, but not as much as you would like, changes can be made in your next appointment. All aftercare advice must be followed to be eligible for a fix.​ We do not offer refunds for allergic reactions, we HIGHLY recommend booking a patch test 48hrs prior.

        Keep in mind we only work on those 16+ years of age, or 14+ with parental signature.

        Before your appointment:

        • book a patch test at least 48hrs PRIOR to booking online to prevent cancellation fees if you react to the product and have to cancel.
        • read the above information to ensure a lash lift is suited for you and that your are eligible
        • shower prior as you cannot wet your lashes or be exposed to steam for a minimum for 24hrs after your appointment.
        • avoid caffeinated drinks as this will cause your eyes to flutter and I will not be able to stick the lashes on
        • arrive with clean bare lashes - no mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow or makeup around the eye area, this includes under eye concealer
        • do not curl the lashes the day of the appointment
        • do not wear contact lenses during the appointment 
        • please inform us if you are pregnant or lactating prior so we can use a system suitable
        • prepare to lay down for up to 1hr. wear comfy clothes and bring headphones it needed. avoid hairstyles that are uncomfortable to lie on (claw clips, pins, buns, etc). keep in mind your eyes must be closed the entire time, so you will not be able to look at your phone. go to the bathroom prior either at home or at the salon.
        • if you are under 16 please bring a parent to sign a consent form (we do not work on under 14 year olds)

          During your appointment:

          • your eyes must remain closed the entire time, if you open them it may burn due to the fumes from the glue, your eyes will then water and cause issues with the lift
          • avoid moving around to prevent product in eyes

            After your appointment:

            • do not wet your lashes for 24hrs
            • avoid steam, extreme heat or high humidity for 24hrs (saunas, humid weather, steamy showers)
            • avoid sleeping on your face or wearing an eye mask for 48hrs as this can change the direction of the lift
            • do not rub, pull or play with lashes
            • wait 48hrs before applying mascara, we recommend a non-waterproof mascara that in non-drying. we stock the Elleevate Lash Lift Mascara that is lash lift safe
            • avoid strong makeup remover for 48hrs - this can strip the tint and impact the lift. after 48hrs we only recommend oil-free makeup remover
            • rebook your next lift for 6-8 weeks time
            • use aftercare products to keep lashes hydrated to prevent drying out and loss of shape, we stock Elleeplex Advanced After Care gel which is specifically designed for our lash lift system. apply in the morning instead of mascara or apply at night as an overnight treatment.