Eyelash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment in which individual lashes, lash fans or spikes are glued onto the natural lashes creating a fuller or longer look.

What is a full set vs a refill?

A full set includes eyelash extensions starting from bare lashes. Lashes are applied on all healthy, strong lashes. After 2-3 weeks, you will need a refill as the lashes naturally fall out when your natural lashes fall out. A refill includes the removal of outgrown, twisted lashes and new extensions placed on any bare eyelashes. You need at least 40% of the extensions remaining to qualify for a refill. This is typically every 2-3 weeks with good care. If less is remaning you will need to book and pay for a new full set.

Am I eligible for eyelash extensions?

To be eligible you must fit the following criteria:

  • you must not have had recent eye surgery or laser eye surgery - you will need a doctors note before you can get extensions done
  • you must not have any eye infections such as conjunctivitis, styes, blepharitis at the time of the appointment or within 2 weeks before the appointment
  • you must not have received chemotherapy treatment recently
  • you must not have any active coldsores
  • you must not have lifted or permed lashes
  • you must not have thin or sparse lashes as we will be unable to apply extensions as this will cause further damage to the natural lashes
  • if you have gaps in your lashes or missing eyelashes, gaps may be visible
  • the procedure cannot be performed if you tend to flinch, twitch or shake or have conditions that may cause these side effects such as epilepsy. we use sharp tweezers and strong glue, making it very dangerous. 
  • if you have cancer, this treatment may react badly with medications and cause irritations, so it is not recommended.
  • you must not have cuts or open wounds in the eye or forehead area, this includes recent cosmetic tattooing on the eyes or eyebrows.
  • you must have your eyes closed and you must remain still for 1-3hrs so unfortunately if you are claustrophobic, the treatment may not be right for you.

    How long do they last?

    • your eyelash extensions will begin to fall out as your natural eyelashes are always falling out and regrowing again. we recommend a refill every 2-3 weeks. keep in mind results vary on each person based on whether the aftercare instructions are followed or other factors such as oily eyelids, excessive skin putting weight on the lashes, sleeping habits  and others factors that may cause lashes to fall out. 
    • lashes last differently on each person, for your first time at RBB we recommend only going 2 weeks so we can see how well they’ve lasted. This may be fine for some people however others with better retention may only need to refill every 3 weeks. we require at least 40% of the lashes remaining to perform a refill, otherwise you will have to book & pay full set price. 
    • if your lashes are thinner or weaker you may notice worse retention with heavier styles (typically above Medium Volume but could be less depending on damage or thickness).
    • lash retention may decline during autumn/spring due to change in seasons. if you find you’re losing more lashes than normal you may need to book in refills more regularly during this time as lashes shed more.
    • medications or medical treatments that may cause hair shedding or thinning may also cause poor retention. This includes but is not limited to thyroid medication or recent chemotherapy.
    • although we offer patch tests for products specifically used at RBB, we do not recommend this treatment if you have had a previous reaction to eyelash extensions​ 

    What is the difference between Classic lashes, Hybrid lashes & Volume lashes?

    • Classic lashes are the most natural-looking method of lash extension application. It includes one false eyelash glued onto each natural eyelash. The ratio is 1:1. The effect is similar to mascara. 
    • Volume lashes include lash fans which contain typically anywhere from 3 lashes to 20 lashes in a fan. And one fan is glued onto each natural lash. At RBB we offer light, medium and mega volume lashes. All volumes are available in black, both light & medium volume are also available in brown.
    • Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic & light volume lashes. This is perfect for those who want more than classics, but aren’t sure how they’d feel about volumes just yet. Hybrids are available in both black and brown.


    What are Wispy lashes & Wet Look?

    • "Wispy" lashes refer to sets that are not uniform, instead they contain spikes or closed fans to add texture
    • Wispy sets can be customised to your preference regarding how many spikes are added, the placement and intensity. You can have lightly textured sets, prominent spikes, a choppy effect and so on! The combinations are endless.
    • Wispy effect can be added onto any hybrid or volume set.
    • Wet look refers to the use of spikes used throughout the entire set, these spikes create a "wet" looking effect. It is similar to classics give a thicker appearance.
    • Wet look is available in both black and brown.

      What type of lash extensions are best for me?

      There are multiple things we take into account when it comes to selecting the best eyelash extensions for you and whether or not there will be sufficient results and retention.

      • glasses - if you wear glasses we will need to be mindful of the length chosen
      • length of natural lashes - if your natural lashes are quite short, they are not going to be able to support and longer length, therefore they may not last & damage your lashes. we would recommend a shorter length.
      • strength/health of natural lashes - the thickness and strength of your natural lashes determines how big of a volume fan we’ll be able to apply. if too large of a fan is applied, the natural lashes won’t be able to support it and the natural lashes can be damaged. if lashes are quite damaged or thin (common in mature clients) we recommend booking no more than a 5D volume size until we can assess your lashes. On mature or damaged lashes, extensions tend to look more sparse due to the lack of lashes. 
      • eye shape - we can do multiple mapping styles e.g. cat eye, doll eye, etc to suit your eye shape and your desired look
      • we are happy for you to supply an inspiration photo (particularly out of ones we’ve posted as well know what mapping, lashes & lengths we’ve used) and we can recreate that look on your eyes, but keep in mind with different eye shapes, sizes, and skintones some styles may look more dramatic on one person and natural on another
      • keep in mind if you have sparse lashes (common in mature clients) your lashes will not look as full. the extensions are glued onto your natural eyelashes, not your skin. so if you have barely any natural lashes we won’t be able to apply many extensions.
      • if you do have gaps in your lashes (from being ripped out, etc) we can try our best to close those gaps as much as we can, however as mentioned, lashes are glued to natural lashes. if theres no natural lashes theres nowhere we can glue it on
      • we only lash the upper eyelashes, not bottom eyelashes. 
      • we cannot apply lashes onto curled/permed/lifted lashes, please wait 6-8 weeks after a lash lift to book in extensions.

      What does a patch test include?

      Eye pads are applied on under eyes with taping, primer and lash extensions are applied to 15 lashes on each eye. You will need to monitor for 48hrs to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction or any irritation. We recommend booking in a patch test prior to your appointment to prevent having to cancel your appointment the night before if you have a reaction, also preventing your deposit from being forfeited. See how you go and after 48hrs if there is no reaction you can book in then. We charge for a patch test cover product usage, however this cost is redeemable in a full set appointment if you are able to continue with booking.

      What does a refill include?

      • a refill includes the removal of loose lashes as well as a reapplication of the previous style applied. this is typically performed at the 2-3 week mark, IF the client has enough lashes remaining. Any less than 40% of lashes remaining you will be charged a full set. 
      • If you want to switch styles (e.g fan size, length or mapping), depending on how many lashes are left you can choose between starting fresh and transitioning to the new desired style. If you want a different style than what you’ve got on, you’d need to book in a removal and new full set. Alternatively, we can slowly transition into the new style. For example: you have a full set of light volume lashes but you want to change to mega volume lashes, in each refill we can start using more lashes. However, until all of the previous smaller lash fans have grown out, it won’t be a full mega volume set. It is a gradual transition that takes about 1-2 refills. This is ideal if you don’t have time or money for a removal and new full set. But keep in mind it is a transition, it won’t look like the desired set until a couple refills. We will try refill the set as evenly as possible but if you tend to lose more lashes on one eye than the other (e.g. sleeping on one side) the result may not be completely symmetrical. 

        How are they removed?

        We do not recommend removing lashes yourself, instead we recommend booking in a removal. We use products created to melt away the glue and the lashes slide right off without causing any damage to the natural eyelashes. With stubborn lashes we can gently peel the extension from the natural lash without pulling it out.​


        As with any beauty treatment, there are always risks and side effects that may occur.

        • if you experience eye redness post-treatment this may be due to the fumes of the glue or irritation from the under eye pads or tape. this should subside within 1-2 hours, however if you’re experiencing discomfort or it does not go away within 24hrs, please see a pharmacist or your GP.
        • skin irritation under the eye may be a result of a reaction to the under eye pad or tape used. we can perform your next appointment using only tape (once irritation has subsided) if it is the eye pads you are allergic to.
        • if your eyes are extremely red, irritated and painful, you may be having an allergic reaction. we cannot give medical advice, instead we recommend seeking medical attention immediately. if you wish to have your eyelash extensions removed you will need a note from your doctor as the removal process may cause further irritation. we will no longer perform eyelash extensions on you.


          Lash Fixes

          In the event you have issues with your set, we offer a reapplication under the following conditions:

          • lashes came off naturally and weren’t pulled out
          • ALL aftercare recommendations were followed
          • excessive lash fall out is during the first 3 days of the extensions 
          • a free reapplication is a one-off if the above conditions apply, if your lashes continue to not last we may need to use a shorter length or smaller sized lash fan.
          • if still no change, you may not be suitable for eyelash extensions, or the products used at RBB. you must be committed to the aftercare requirements.
          • we do not offer refunds for allergic reactions, we HIGHLY recommend booking a patch test 48hrs prior.
          • we do not apply lashes on those who have had previous reactions to eyelash extensions

            Keep in mind we only work on those 16+ years of age, or 14+ with parental signature.


            Before your appointment:

            • book a patch test to see if an allergic reaction occurs 48hrs PRIOR to booking in your treatment to prevent cancellation fees in the event an allergy forms.
            • read the above information to ensure lash extensions are suited for you and that your are eligible
            • shower prior as you cannot wet your lashes or be exposed to steam for a minimum for 24hrs after your appointment.
            • avoid caffeinated drinks as this will cause your eyes to flutter and I will not be able to stick the lashes on
            • arrive with clean bare lashes - no mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow or makeup around the eye area, this includes under eye concealer.
            • do not wear contact lenses during the appointment, the fumes from the glue can melt these.
            • prepare to lay down for up to 2hrs. wear comfy clothes and bring headphones it needed. avoid hairstyles that are uncomfortable to lie on (claw clips, pins, buns, etc). keep in mind your eyes must be closed the entire time, so you will not be able to look at your phone. go to the bathroom prior either at home or at the salon.
            • if you are under 16 please bring a parent to sign a consent form (we do not work on under 14 year olds)


              During your appointment:

              • let me know if you wear glasses as this will factor into the length chosen
              • your eyes must remain closed the entire time, if you open them it may burn due to the fumes from the glue and may result in chemical burn
              • avoid moving around as I use sharp pointy tweezers very close to the eyes


                After your appointment:

                • you can wet your lashes immediately after the appointment if you choose, it is recommended for those who experience sensitivity
                • avoid steam, extreme heat or high humidity for 24hrs (saunas, humid weather, steamy showers)
                • after 24hrs you may cleanse your lashes using a lash cleanser (available for purchase at the salon) morning & night. once dry, brush lashes to neaten. 
                • avoid mascara on the lash extensions, if anything only non-waterproof mascara. however, it is highly recommended you do not wear any at all as it’s hard to remove without ruining the lashes.
                • do not use an eyelash curler
                • do not glue strip eyelashes on top of the extensions
                • do not rub, pick or pull at lashes
                • avoid extreme heat (standing close to open oven, flame from bonfire or lighters when smoking) - this can impact the glue as well as uncurl the lashes.
                • avoid sleeping on your face
                • avoid applying skincare products too close to the lashes and especially avoid oil based products such as cleansing oils, oil makeup removers/micellar, skincare oils, moisturisers, etc. 
                • book in your refill within 2-3 weeks.