Collection: Press On Nails

Custom Press Ons

Not able to commit to a 3 week set of nails due to cost, time or work/school requirements? But still want to feel glamorous for special events or on your days off? Press On Nails are perfect for you! 

  • Easy to apply & remove from home*
  • Get custom sizing so you get a nice fit
  • Option to get custom colours & art
  • Short-XL lengths available
  • Reusable if removed with care
  • Can last weeks if applied & maintained properly
  • Prep kits available
  • Change up your nails anytime!
  • Shipping Australia-wide
  • Ready to ship within a week


Application using either nail glue or sticky tabs. Sticky tabs can come off by a warm water, soap and oil soak without damage to extensions so you can reuse them. Some nails glues will come off with this method also, however some will require acetone which will melt the press ons so they cannot be reworn.

Wondering how the custom press on process works? Let's break it down.


Are you local? (able to travel to Melton, VIC)

Step 1 - find your inspo pics or choose a pre-designed set featured online

Step 2 - book a FREE press on consultation at the RBB salon to look at tip shapes and lengths, and we will note down your tip sizes. You can also select colours, charms & other materials your set may need.

Step 3 - order your custom press on set online or in-salon at your consultation

Step 4 - be patient and allow a week to process and create your order

Step 5 - when your order is ready, we will contact you to organise pick up or you can pay an additional fee to get it shipped.



Bit far away? No problem

Step 1 - find your inspo pics

Step 2 - contact RBB via Instagram, Facebook or email to discuss the sets you are after, what we can/can't do, colours, pricing and more. (If not selecting a pre-designed set)

Step 3 - order your press on sizing kit online, this will be shipped to you and you can size your nails from home

Step 4 - send us your sizes & order your custom press on set online

Step 5 - be patient and allow a week to process and create your order before it is shipped


Press Ons are available in various shapes & lengths. Press On application kits also available. Press ons are MADE TO ORDER, allow roughly a week for creation PRIOR to shipping out. 



Press ons can be shipped as a letter! Unfortunately it doesn't give us this option at checkout just standard/express parcel post. PRESS ON LETTER POSTAGE ONLY VALID FOR NO MORE THAN 2 SIZING KITS OR PRESS ONS AND 2 PRESS ON PREP KITS.

Any higher quantity, or orders with any other product, needs to be shipped as a parcel. To ship as a standard letter, add this shipping postage product to your cart, then select checkout using "click and collect" instead. Ensure your postal information is given.

To ship as a parcel, you don't need to add this, instead just checkout and select "ship" as per normal. For express shipping, check out as per normal for express package, as letter is same price we do not have letter option.