Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening is the use professional teeth whitening products containing peroxide in combination with an LED light which reduces yellow pigmentation and staining in the teeth, creating a whiter smile. We compare the colour of your teeth before and after each treatment to track your results. Most people find their teeth become 2-7 shades lighter, however, results may vary. It is a cosmetic treatment, however, it is paired best with regular dental check ups.

Is it safe?

Yes, when performed correctly it is completely safe, however, you need to ensure you're eligible. Keep in mind some people may have side effects and/or allergic reactions which we will list below. During the treatment, we protect your lips and gums. Minor tooth sensitivity is a common side effect but is completely normal. Any stinging or burning during treatment typically indicates a cavity, cracked tooth or hole, the treatment will need to stop immediately. Discomfort can also be a sign of an allergy.

Who can get it done?

If you fit the following criteria you will be eligible for teeth whitening:

- you are 18+ years of age

- you have regular dental check ups

- you have no holes, cracks or cavities on your teeth

- you do not have dental implants, dental bridges, braces, crowns/caps, veneers or Invisalign tooth attachments

- you do not currently have coldsores or ulcers

- you do not have extremely dry, cracked lips

- you are not currently pregnant or lactating

- it has been a minimum of 8 months since your last treatment or touch up.

- you have not had cosmetic injections/filler/botox in the last 4 weeks?

Keep in mind crowns can be whitened, however, only minor stains will be removed so you will not see major results. Veneers can be whitened, however, they will only whiten to their original shade they were applied as. If you have had braces in the past or a build up of plaque, you may get white spots post treatment, typically caused by hypo-calcification. The whitening process typically enhances these white spots even more, however, over time the hydrogen peroxide contained in the whitening gel can help break down these stains. Alternatively, you can see if your dentist can smooth out the teeth, potentially lessening these spots. If you wear a removable retainer, it will need to be removed for the treatment. As mentioned above, some sensitivity post-treatment is normal, however, prior to your appointment if you know you have sensitive teeth please let us know and we can include a desensitising gel in the treatment to minimise your discomfort.

What's included in the treatment?

Firstly, we start with a consultation to ensure you are eligible. We will compare the shade of your teeth before using a shade chart and by taking photos and noting this down to track your progress. Next we will protect your gums and lips to ensure they're protected from the peroxide and LED light. The treatment includes 3x20min sessions. With the inclusion of consult, set up and changeover times the appointment generally takes 1hr 30mins. The whitening gel is applied and the light is used. After each 20minutes you will rinse and then we will reapply the gel again. After the final session you will rinse and remove the gum protection. We will provide a vitamin E swab to hydrate your lips. Lastly, we will compare the shade of your teeth before and after using the shade charts and photos. We recommend booking a touch up session after 6-8 weeks to maintain your brighter smile! 

How soon will I see results?

You will notice results immediately after treatment. Please note that preparing for the appointment properly as well as following aftercare instructions will give you the best possible results. Please read info above to prepare for your appointment and maintain your results after your appointment. Most people find their teeth go 2-7 shades lighter. Please be aware that results will vary based on age, smoking/drinking habits, aftercare, diet, etc. Not everyones teeth will whiten to the same colour, this has to do with genetics and lifestyle factors. 

How often do I have to get it done?

After the initial treatment, we recommend a touch up treatment 6-8 weeks later. After this, the longevity of the results vary from each person depending on lifestyle habits, diet, genetics & more. Some people only get it done for big events, whereas others tend to get the full treatment every 8-12 months, it's entirely up to you and the results you're looking for. We recommend getting the full treatment, then a touch up and then coming back in 8-12months. Results can last up to a year, but again, please be aware that results will vary based on age, smoking/drinking habits, aftercare, diet, etc. Not everyones results may last depending on care and not everyones teeth will whiten to the same colour, this has to do with genetics and lifestyle factors. But you will receive the remaining gel left in the teeth whitening pen we used on you to use at home if needed in between treatments as mentioned in the aftercare above.

What are the possible side effects?

- During the appointment, any stinging or burning is typically a sign of a hole, crack or cavity. You will need to alert us of your discomfort and we will have to cease the appointment immediately, to avoid this please ensure you have regular dental check ups. 

- White spots or streaks - often caused by excess plaque, calcium deposits, or braces in the past. Spots are not caused by the whitening treatment, they are usually already present on the teeth prior, however, the whitening process enhances these spots. These should diminish over time.

- Tooth Sensitivity - for about 24-48hrs post treatment, sensitivity is normal. Prolonged sensitivity could be a sign of cracked teeth, holes, cavities and more dental issues.

- Gum or lip irritation - we try to protect the gums and lips as much as possible, however, on some occasions you may experience some inflammation or whitening of these areas, this typically reverses fairly quickly.

- Relapse - post-treatment the teeth will gradually go back to their natural colour over time. This is why we recommend a touch up session in 6-8 weeks as well as following aftercare instructions. Diet and smoking/drinking habits typically accelerate the relapse process.

- Some sources believe excessive teeth whitening can wear down the enamel of the teeth, while we are not dental practitioners, we recommend only getting your triple treatment & touch up done after those 8-12 months to keep your teeth safe as a precaution. Our teeth whitening pens contain 6% hydrogen peroxide which is the highest legal strength for teeth whitening products we can use in purely cosmetic whitening. 

You must be 18+, please bring a valid photo ID to your appointment. If the appointment has to be ceased due to stinging or discomfort, you will be charged for the products used as certain products cannot be reused on other clients.

Before your appointment:

Firstly, we need to ensure you are eligible for teeth whitening. Please read the information above. It is a good idea to eat and drink prior to your appointment as you won't be able to eat or drink anything but water for 3 hours after your appointment, and the items you can consume will be limited. Also if you're a smoker keep in mind the longer you can go post treatment before smoking again, the better your results will be. You will also need to brush your teeth prior to your appointment. Prepare to be sitting for about 1hr 30mins, so feel free to wear comfy clothes and bring some headphones! For younger clients, please bring photo ID to confirm you're 18+.

After your appointment:

After the treatment you cannot eat or drink anything but water for 3 hours. It is recommended you follow 'the white diet', meaning you avoid staining foods and drinks for 24-48hrs after. You can use the below list as a guide.

For smokers, the longer you can go post-treatment before smoking, the better your results will be. 

Avoid extremely hot or cold beverages. 

For appointments between morning to 4pm, you can brush your teeth later that night. However, for later appointments we recommend waiting till the next day. Ensure you are brushing your teeth twice daily to maintain results. We also recommend booking a touch up appointment in 6-8 weeks time to boost your results. Note that some sensitivity after treatment is completely normal.

We also provide a free aftercare goodie bag that includes the list of aftercare precautions as listed on this page, an oral wipe to cleanse the teeth, the remaining whitening gel thats leftover from the treatment, a vitamin E swab and a lip mask. In between your initial treatment and your touch up, if you feel your teeth need a little boost you can cleanse your teeth with the oral wipe, apply the gel to the teeth for 20mins then rinse. Hydrate the lips with the vitamin E swab and lip mask. Keep in mind the gel on its own without the use of a LED light will only slightly whiten the teeth.